In one of the most egregious examples of doublespeak ever, New York State has passed the Reproductive Health Act, a law that allows abortion up to the moment of birth, allegedly only to sustain the health of the mother. Allowing late-term abortions of this sort has nothing to do with reproductive health—it is essentially reproductive death to a full term baby. Multiple physicians have stated a caesarean delivery would provide for the health of a mom far better than any late-term abortion. And worse, to avoid the federal ban on partial birth abortion, abortion providers would need to “induce fetal demise” prior to removing the baby—this is nothing but infanticide. This new law has nothing to do with health but rather it is all about ideology. It is part of the radical attempt to guarantee all abortions on demand.

Although every abortion kills a living pre-born baby, somehow it seems far worse to take a viable, healthy child and murder it moments before birth. This is even contrary to the Roe V. Wade ruling which only allowed abortion for babies that were not yet viable outside the womb. This new law seems so horrific, that when I told a mom about it yesterday, she burst into tears. She understood the feeling of holding a newborn baby in her arms and to her, this law merely legalizes the murder of the most precious and helpless of all. God spare us.

A dear friend of both Eva and I wrote to me yesterday, saying she had been weeping all day after hearing the news of the New York law and asking if I would address this today. I encouraged her to go back and listen online to the Opening Word from last week, in which I laid out the biblical reasons for preserving life. But in light of this horrifying new law, I want to focus on another issue—why we need to act and what to do.

The reason we can’t ignore this law is found in Proverbs 24:11-12: “Rescue those being taken off to death, and save those stumbling toward slaughter.If you say, ‘But we didn’t know about this,’ won’t He who weighs hearts consider it? Won’t He who protects your life know? Won’t He repay a person according to his work?” We can’t sit by passively and just bemoan the degenerating state of the world. We must stand up and act in defense of life, doing all that we can within the law to preserve these precious unborn children.

So what can we do? Foremost, we should use our rights as citizens to oppose this law. When the apostle Paul was facing false charges and a corrupt trial, he used his rights as a Roman citizen, to appeal to Caesar (Acts 25:10-11). As citizens, we can push Congress, in both the house and the Senate, to pass laws banning late-term abortion. Federal law takes precedence over state law, and a federal ban on late-term abortion would not violate Roe V. Wade but would supersede this atrocious New York State law.

Also, we need to pray for the people of New York State, to do what is morally right even if the abortion of a late-term child is legally permissible. I am praying that God would work in the hearts of all pregnant women there, that He would strengthen their maternal instinct and convict them of their need to preserve the precious life growing in them. I’m asking God to work so that whatever inconvenience or difficulty a mom may be facing, she would still prioritize caring for her yet unborn but beloved baby.

Beyond these steps, we need to use our money to support Crisis Pregnancy Centers, in our local areas, but now also, in New York State. These centers are at the front lines of helping pregnant moms find the financial help and emotional support they need to protect their unborn children. We need to give so they can work in the lives of moms who need guidance and help. We are living in a challenging time in the United States. There is a growing disillusionment with faith and God. Militant atheism is on the rise and morality is decreasing. Believers seem less loving of those who need the Lord the most. So I’m praying for revival here. I’m asking God to make Jesus followers into salt and light so that we can impact our culture for the gospel. May we proclaim the good news of Jesus with love and tact but also fearlessly and boldly. I’m praying that God will open hearts to the message of Messiah Jesus and that people will trust in Him. It seems to me that’s the best way to preserve the lives of unborn children.



  • Avatar Pastor Michel Hobbs says:

    Praying for the salvation of these poor, “deceived” souls, whom our Father loves and died for.
    Thinking again of how the mothers had fathers must have felt, when ALL the two year-old boys were murdered, after the decree from Herod in the time of Jesus birth.

  • Avatar Sherry Mauschbaugh says:

    We love listening to your program every Saturday morning on our local Moody station.

    Thank you for your great commentary! I am a product of an unwanted pregnancy who was eventually placed in foster care and later adopted. I am almost 66 years old and am grateful to have been spared my life, raised by parents who shared their love with me so that I in turn could have my own children to love. This is a horrible assault on life and I am praying that we do not continue down this path in any other state. I will look to see where I can help stop this and communicate with those making these laws. May God help us ALL!

  • Avatar Ron Maxwell says:

    Well communicated

  • Avatar Betty Dylong says:

    Thank you for your comments and encouragement! I’m grieved over this new legislation. May God help us!

  • Avatar Tanya says:

    Crisis Pregnancy Centers and other centers and clinics need to broadcast and advertise what they can do for pregnant women. Getting their message out may help more babies to be saved from abortions!

  • Avatar Kelli says:

    …and open up our homes to ADOPT these babies. Our lives changed when we finalized the adoption of our son, Silas. Our sixth child has been such a blessing. If you can’t adopt, financially support a young family that CAN. Blessings Mr. Rydelnick and thank you for this post!

  • Avatar Elizabeth says:

    I too am troubled by the new law. I went to far as to e-mail that governor to let him know my thoughts of this and how if his heart isn’t changed that he’ll be speaking to a Higher Power one day despite what his stand is in this life. I remember when R v W was going into effect. My 2nd child was a toddler and even though I wasn’t walking with the Lord then I expressed often how wrong that was. I’d felt Life in both of my babies long before the “text-books” said it was possible. In fact I “knew” fairly soon the changes my body was going through. Having a child grow within me was so awe-inspiring to me! What a gift to have that experience!!

  • Avatar Lynette Smith says:

    Thank you, as a born again believer I totally agree with you. We need to support and educate these mothers who are pregnant and thinking of doing this horrific act, to a better choice. I visited a pro life facility, and we prayed over it, they do such wonderful work. The powers of Satan wants to stop them, as Christians we need to daily uphold these facilities in prayer and pray for a great revivile in our country!

  • Avatar Carol Brands says:

    Good article, right on. The “doubletalk” that says a baby can be killed in the mother for her health is obviously, blatantly false. Any poison killing a fullterm, healthy baby, cannot possibly be good for the mother, either. Plus she has to live with the emotional trauma of murder.

  • Avatar Rk says:

    As citizens, we can push Congress, in both the house and the Senate, to pass laws banning late-term abortion. Can you provide the people information on who to write and address. Let the flood gates open as we the people will Not stand for these murder of babies.

  • Avatar Colleen Rohrbacher says:

    Thank you for this Dr Rydelnik. If we want adoption to be a viable alternative to abortion though we must support honesty in adoption. When we found ourselves in a crisis pregnancy situation, we chose open adoption so this child would know his birth family loved him even though they were unequipped to care for him. Unfortunately, although most agencies promote open adoption, there is no legal definition of it in most states and birth families rely on the honesty of the adoptive family to keep the promises they make at the time of placement. Before placement every one tells a birth mom what a “selfless, beautiful thing she is doing” but later that changes to “Well you didn’t want him anyway”. It has been almost 12 years and every day my heart longs to know that little boy. God is good though and I know the day will come when we will be reunited again. I put my trust in Him.

  • Avatar John Green says:

    it is a good thing it is up to God to let people see their sins, a lot would never make it to heaven if God didn’t, let us hope God places terrors on these people and they will stop killing God’ children.

  • Avatar Mary Ellen Reis says:

    Thank you for your commentary and offering us ideas on how to support our young families. I live in Vermont and the House has introduced H.57 which could elevate the NY law by making abortion a “fundamental right”. I have already written to my area representative and will pray constantly that this bill never becomes law. Thank you Dr. Michael, you and your team are an inspiration.

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